About Us

About HUGO

Human Genome Organisation (HUGO) is the international organisation of scientists involved in human genetics. HUGO was conceived in 1988, at the first meeting on genome mapping and sequencing at Cold Spring Harbor. From an initial group of 42 scientists from 17 countries, HUGO has increased its membership to almost 2,000 members, from over 92 countries in a period of only two decades. Over the years, HUGO has played an essential role behind the scenes for the human genome project. With its mission to promote international collaborative efforts to study the human genome and the myriad issues raised by our increasing knowledge of the genome, HUGO has had noteworthy successes in some of the less glamorous, but nonetheless vital, aspects of the human genome project.

As a truly international organisation, HUGO has refocused its efforts towards the medical implications of genomic knowledge. Looking forward, HUGO is working to enhance the genomic capabilities of the emerging and developing countries of the world. The excitement and interest in genomic sciences in Asia, the Middle East, South America and Africa are palpable and our hope is that these technologies will help to aid national development and worldwide health.

About Human Genome Meeting (HGM)

Human Genome Meeting (HGM) is a series of annual conferences organised by the Human Genome Organisation (HUGO). It started as a meeting dedicated for Human Genome Mapping. Over the years, with the completion of the Human Genome Project, HGM has evolved from a small targeted meeting into an international scientific conference for all genetic and genomic researchers; an excellent platform for industry partners and bio-technology companies as well as pharmaceutical companies; and a fantastic reunion for fellow scientists and networking opportunity for established and young investigators.

HGM centres on a stimulating and interesting program of plenary lectures, symposia, workshops, poster presentations, lectures and social events. Our scientific program covers a wide range of topics, spanning from system biology and epigenomics to genomic technologies; from drug discovery to gene therapy, pharmogenomics and genomic medicine; from computation genomics and bioinformatics to genetic and genomic databases; aiming to share most up-todate research trends, results, information and databases which often sparks off new collaboration opportunities. HGM also provides an arena for presentation and discussion of more focused studies in human genetics and genomics. Working together with the HUGO subcommittees, there will also be meetings specially catered for discussion on ethics, related impact on society and intellectual property.

HUGO’s Mission Statement:

The Human Genome Organization (HUGO) International seeks to bring the benefits of Genomic Sciences to Humanity by:

  1. Promoting fundamental genomic research within nations and throughout the world;
  2. Fostering scientific exchange in genomics with a particular emphasis on scientifically developing and emerging countries;
  3. Supporting discourse in the ethics of genetics and genomics with a global perspective.

International Program Committee

Charles Lee President of HUGO; The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, USA
Piero Carninci RIKEN Japan
Alistair Forrest Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, UWA
Dave Burt University of Queensland
Carmencita Padilla University of the Philippines
Karen Avraham Tel Aviv University
Wendy Bickmore University of Edinburgh
Heather Mefford University of Washington

Local Organising Committee

Alistair Forrest Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, UWA
Dave Burt University of Queensland
Ingrid Winship University of Melbourne
Nic Waddell Queensland Institute of Medical Research
Abha Chopra Murdoch University
Elin Gray Edith Cowan University
Gina Ravenscroft Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, UWA
Raelene Endersby Telethon Kids Institute
Jozef Gecz University of Adelaide
Timo Lassmann Telethon Kids Institute
Gregory Pratt Queensland Institute of Medical Research
Gareth Baynam WA Department of Health
Julian Heng Curtin University

ECR Symposium Organising Committee

Eric Alves Murdoch University and UWA
Jennifer Currenti Murdoch University and UWA
Emma DeJong Telethon Kids Institute
Elena Denisenko Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, UWA
Jessica Gaff Curtin University
Dulce Landin Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, UWA
Sarah Beecroft Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, UWA
Rose Li University of California San Francisco
Weitao Lin Edith Cowan University
Hamid Alinejad-Rokny Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, UWA
Rhonda Taylor Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, UWA
Shelley Waters Curtin University